Bro-ga - The Energy Coach


A chilled Bro-ga class is the perfect midweek unwind session – and maybe a sneaky beer at the end of the session!

I believe stress to be one of the biggest risk factors to our health.  It is crucial to find more time to chill out.  You’ll feel as if you have had a message after the class, leaving you both calm and energised to take on the rest of the week.

One thing you don’t need to be is flexible!  The classes are carefully tailored so that you work within your own body and own breath, at your own pace.

As Dave says, ‘I wasn’t sure at first, but my wife persuaded me.  After seeing her leave the house with her yoga mat under her arm for years now, I wondered what the appeal was.  I get it now.  You feel amazing afterwards.  All I’d say is give it a try….so glad I did’.

Matt Jordan – The Energy Coach