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Does Personal Training Really Work?

Does personal training really work is a great question. And it depends. I know the most successful people; business owners, entrepreneurs, sports pros, professionals, the ones that are at the very top of their industry, have professional help to get there. They instruct people who are experts in their field to help them with whatever they feel they fall short on, whether that be due to lack of knowledge or simply not liking the specific area and wanting to outsource it.

When I need my oven cleaned a get a professional oven cleaner who does a better job and in a much faster time than I would be able to. I have an accountant and booker keeper because I loathe paperwork and my time is better spent helping people with their health than crunching numbers of Xero. I have a business coach because I know that the financial investment will be easily paid for by the faster growth of my business.

I even need a personal trainer myself (although I don’t have one right now) But when I did they held me accountable, made me do things that I knew I should be doing for my health that I didn’t want to, they made sure I was making progress towards my goals with regular catch-ups and time for reflecting and planning for my goal. In fact, I got in the best physical appearance of my life using a personal trainer.

Statistically hiring a personal trainer gives you better results and faster but that will only be the case if you are still prepared to show up, put the hard work in and don’t ghost them.

Sometimes the financial investment made when hiring a personal trainer is an incentive enough to make sure you show up. Pile on top of that the accountability of having booked a personal training session that you need to go to, and you have a pretty strong reason to make it work. And that’s not including all the motivation and drive and enthusiasm towards your goals that a good personal trainer will help you discover.

So, in my humble opinion if you have an area of your life that you are unhappy about then hiring a professional to help is, absolutely, worth it. You’ll get better, faster results and it leaves you the time and energy to focus on the things that you are good at or love doing.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach