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Personal Training for small groups

Let’s face it, we are all different and have different approaches and personal training doesn’t always have to be one on one. 

You can share the cost with a friend or work with me to find someone to buddy up with.  Having an accountability partner can work wonders for motivation levels and goal setting.

You may have different starting points and fitness plans but the results will be the same; improved well-being and increased energy.

My group coaching sessions are always interesting and varied using a wide variety of fitness equipment.  The aim is to keep groups engaged and energised and even entertained. 

By combining the health benefits of fresh air and nature I introduce apparatus that tones and improves stamina and energy levels.  We add in some cardio and strength training that results in sessions that give you a mental and physical boost.

Before you leave, we’ll talk aims for the next session and share thoughts on how nutrition can be improved.  This cycle of encouragement and accountability means that motivation levels never falter and your fitness and well being remains on track

The Results

Confidence levels return and you may even find yourself beating your mates on Strava and regularly smashing your personal bests.

Pride. Knowing that families are being well cared for by parents that are in the best shape, both physically and mentally, possible.

Busy parents discover marked improvements in overall wellbeing and outlook and as a consequence, those close to them are positively impacted too.

Their friends, family and colleagues experience the upgraded and much improved v2.0

And those who haven’t exercised for a while.  A new lease of life is discovered through exercise, where friendships and connections are made.


“I have worked with Matt for many years and he is a first class trainer. Always full of new ideas and a great motivator.”

Julie Llewelyn

“I did 4 months training with Matt. Lost nearly 2 stone and around 3 inches off my waist. I feel better, I sleep better. Matt is a great guy and really easy to work with then you have a winning formula.”

Dan Proctor

“Fitter Men with Matt every morning has made a big difference – my fitness levels have improved massively and the weight has dropped off. I’ve had to buy a load of new clothes and already they are starting to get baggy round the waist and my belts are now way too big!”



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