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How Do Personal Trainers Measure Progress

You might imagine that, as a personal trainer, I use my scales a lot. Well, you’d be wrong. I don’t.

I don’t believe scales are at all useful to measure progress and achievement.

Firstly, true happiness is rarely about one’s relationship with gravity. When I’m coaching my clients, I help them uncover what really matters to them, powerful, meaningful goals that they are highly motivated to achieve.

Secondly, measuring success or failure with something that ultimately is uncontrollable makes no sense at all. It is impossible to know and work towards weighing a pound lighter on the scales in one week’s time (feel free to challenge me on that one) It just doesn’t work that way. You’ll have probably noticed yourself that you see no difference on the scales after a week of strict dieting and exercise, then the next week you see a difference having not been rigorous with the diet and exercise?!?

What my clients and I focus on are the specific ACTIONS, that if carried out, will cause the OUTCOME. We measure and record the daily and weekly tasks that could be about forming new habits or breaking bad habits and success is achieved by completing the actions. The actions we focus on are 99% in our control and POSSIBLE.

Small regular steps, lead to small regular wins, lead to BIG changes.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach