How Much is a Personal Trainer? - The Energy Coach

How Much is a Personal Trainer?

My 5-word answer is; anywhere from £10 to £3000. I assume that’s not a helpful answer.

As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for, so a personal trainer that costs £20 an hour might not bring you as much help, support, advice, expertise (and consequently lasting results) as a personal trainer who costs over £100 an hour. I am sure, however, that there are many personal trainers out there who charge £20 an hour and are really great and also personal trainers that charge over £100 and are useless.

Cost is only one thing to consider when choosing a personal trainer so don’t forget to look at reviews, recommendations, online presence, qualifications, insurance and whether their personality best suits yours.

Typically, my personal training (or coaching sessions as I prefer to call them) cost between £50-£60. But I don’t sell them individually because I’ll be honest, it’s not good for my business because I’ve discovered that when people make a longer term commitment, buying ten sessions or perhaps enrol for a 3-6 month period they benefit much more and see greater lasting results which in turn is great for me and my business.

Why am I £60 a session? I’ve fifteen years industry experience working with a vast range of people, I’m highly qualified and believe that learning should never end. And I help people change their lives permanently.

I get enormous personal satisfaction in helping people, it’s one of my core values in life and so my clients get my ALL, I give everything to help them, personal training is not just a job for me because serving people is what I fundamentally believe in and so £60 to me feels like a great value for money investment in personal health, growth as a person and ultimately, happiness.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach