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How to set yourself up the for day in the best possible way

As a busy parent, I know how hard it is to find the time. We never seem to have enough of it to spend a little on ourselves. It’s eaten up by unplanned circumstances, kids, work, family, essential living…

What I’ve come to realise, particularly over the past 4 years since I’ve been working more on self-care, is how greatly that impacts how I feel, how I behave and how I cope with life. Looking after ourselves a little better has a massive impact with how we interact with others, so taking a little time each day is a selfless act and can improve our relationships with others (not just ourselves).

How do you find time when literally every minute of the day is eaten up?

You wake up 5 minutes earlier and you don’t procrastinate in bed.

A morning routine that sets us up to face the day in the best possible way.

My morning routine looks like this, bear in mind that I’m not suggesting starting this from the outset as long-term habits begin with small manageable steps.

  • 5am get up
  • Super greens drink
  • 15 mins stretch
  • 20 mins breathing exercises
  • 10 mins meditation
  • Breakfast and filling in the day planner
  • 20 mins reading
  • Cold shower
  • High five in the mirror
  • 6:45am begin work
  • No scrolling
  • No news
  • No emails

It’s a lot, but I didn’t start with that. It’s grown and built up over 4 years. It sets me up in THE BEST possible way for the day, I’m in a great headspace so I’m less reactive, calmer, clearer, happier.

As the mornings are getting lighter and spring is beginning to appear it’s a perfect time to start a new habit and rise 5 minutes earlier. I suggest just picking ONE thing you’d like to do in your 5 minutes.

What would you like to do to make you feel better for the day?

Stretch, quick exercise routine, drink a pint of water, meditate, read a book, sit in silence and enjoy the moment perhaps?

Trust me, when you feel HOW GOOD just 5 minutes makes, it’ll encourage you to find a little more time.

If you LOVE your bed a little too much and hate getting up, try Mel Robins trick. Count back from 5! 5-4-3-2-1. It stops the procrastination (Mel has a great book on the power of this trick)

The WORST thing you can do is check your phone first thing. Stop that right away. Does it put you in a good frame of mind?? I bet it does the exact opposite!

Now go set your alarm and get up just FIVE minutes early tomorrow and do something for YOU.

Self-Care is a Self-less Act.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach

P.S. If you’d like some help planning your day and making sure you’re held accountable for your plan, give me a shout. I help individuals on a private basis with my enthusiasm, belief and positivity to turn their routines on their head!