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The Nutritional Fundamentals

Healthy Food

The Nutritional Fundamentals

These 5 rules should form the basis for any healthy eating programme. It’s what I recommend for my clients and it works. It’s not rocket science but healthy eating for optimal health and body composition shouldn’t have to be!

Eat Slowly –  Check in with hunger; sit down, relax and take your time. 15-20 minutes to eat a meal.
Stop when you’re 80% full

Eat Protein With Every Meal – Aim to eat 1 palm-sized portion if you’re a girl or 2 if you’re a guy at every meal.
Protein dense foods include; meat, fish, eggs, protein powder supplements (whey or plant), greek yoghurt or cottage cheese

Eat Veggies With Every Meal – Aim to eat at least 1 fist-sized portion with every meal

Save Starchy Carbs For After A Workout – The meal following a workout should have a fist-sized portion of starchy carbs (rice, oats, pasta, breads etc). At all other times exclude the starchy carbs and double up on your veggies

Eat Healthy Fats – Aim to include a portion of healthy fats with every meal from sources such as nuts, seeds, oily fish, olives, avocado. A portion size should be about 2 fingers

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach