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How Much is a Personal Trainer?

How Much is a Personal Trainer?

My 5-word answer is; anywhere from £10 to £3000. I assume that’s not a helpful answer.

As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for, so a personal trainer that costs £20 an hour might not bring you as much help, support, advice, expertise (and consequently lasting results) as a personal trainer who costs over £100 an hour. I am sure, however, that there are many personal trainers out there who charge £20 an hour and are really great and also personal trainers that charge over £100 and are useless.

Cost is only one thing to consider when choosing a personal trainer so don’t forget to look at reviews, recommendations, online presence, qualifications, insurance and whether their personality best suits yours.

Typically, my personal training (or coaching sessions as I prefer to call them) cost between £50-£60. But I don’t sell them individually because I’ll be honest, it’s not good for my business because I’ve discovered that when people make a longer term commitment, buying ten sessions or perhaps enrol for a 3-6 month period they benefit much more and see greater lasting results which in turn is great for me and my business.

Why am I £60 a session? I’ve fifteen years industry experience working with a vast range of people, I’m highly qualified and believe that learning should never end. And I help people change their lives permanently.

I get enormous personal satisfaction in helping people, it’s one of my core values in life and so my clients get my ALL, I give everything to help them, personal training is not just a job for me because serving people is what I fundamentally believe in and so £60 to me feels like a great value for money investment in personal health, growth as a person and ultimately, happiness.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach

Does Personal Training Really Work?

Does Personal Training Really Work?

Does personal training really work is a great question. And it depends. I know the most successful people; business owners, entrepreneurs, sports pros, professionals, the ones that are at the very top of their industry, have professional help to get there. They instruct people who are experts in their field to help them with whatever they feel they fall short on, whether that be due to lack of knowledge or simply not liking the specific area and wanting to outsource it.

When I need my oven cleaned a get a professional oven cleaner who does a better job and in a much faster time than I would be able to. I have an accountant and booker keeper because I loathe paperwork and my time is better spent helping people with their health than crunching numbers of Xero. I have a business coach because I know that the financial investment will be easily paid for by the faster growth of my business.

I even need a personal trainer myself (although I don’t have one right now) But when I did they held me accountable, made me do things that I knew I should be doing for my health that I didn’t want to, they made sure I was making progress towards my goals with regular catch-ups and time for reflecting and planning for my goal. In fact, I got in the best physical appearance of my life using a personal trainer.

Statistically hiring a personal trainer gives you better results and faster but that will only be the case if you are still prepared to show up, put the hard work in and don’t ghost them.

Sometimes the financial investment made when hiring a personal trainer is an incentive enough to make sure you show up. Pile on top of that the accountability of having booked a personal training session that you need to go to, and you have a pretty strong reason to make it work. And that’s not including all the motivation and drive and enthusiasm towards your goals that a good personal trainer will help you discover.

So, in my humble opinion if you have an area of your life that you are unhappy about then hiring a professional to help is, absolutely, worth it. You’ll get better, faster results and it leaves you the time and energy to focus on the things that you are good at or love doing.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach

What Is Group Personal Training?

Group Exercise

What Is Group Personal Training?

To me, group personal training is when up to 3 people share the personal training session. Each person works on their bespoke training program and the PT oversees to ensure everyone is performing the exercises, that are tailored to them, with good form and technique. I’ve trained many people in a 1-to-3 ratio and it works well-provided everyone is at a certain level of competence when it comes to moving and working with their body.

For those new to exercise or just starting out again, being part of a group personal training session is not what I’d recommend. To begin with some private personal training sessions are necessary to work with that person to increase their level of exercise competence before introducing them to a group personal training session. In the past I have had a group with varying degrees of competence and those that were new to exercise swallowed up too much of my time as I needed to be with them to ensure they were doing the exercises correctly, which left the others without much of my attention.

Right now, at The Energy Coach, we coach up to two people in a group personal training session and I think this is the best ratio of clients to PT. It ensures both clients have a lot of my time and expertise within the session.

What Group Personal Training is Not

Group Personal Training should not and is not the same as a small class. Here are the differences between Group Personal Training vs Class.

In a class:

  • Everyone completes the same exercises, albeit using different weights
  • The exercises are performed for a set time to suit the group
  • The personal trainer uses a generic program [if any at all]
  • Everyone completes the same warm-up and cool-down routine

In Group Personal Training:

  • Everyone has their own exercises designed just for their needs
  • The exercises are performed for a set number of reps and weight to suit that person’s individual needs
  • The personal trainer uses a bespoke training program for each person
  • Each person completes their own unique warm-up and cool-down routine based on movement and health assessments carried out before the session

Group Personal Training is also a great way to share or reduce the cost, perfect if you have a friend or partner that would like some Personal Training too.

When deciding between Group Personal Training or Private Personal Training just be sure to speak to the PT to understand how they run their Group Personal Training sessions to make sure which is the best fit for you and your goals.

Matt Jordan – the Energy Coach