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Curious about how my clients feel about working with me? 


Check out their reviews below and let me show you how I can help you achieve your goals with nutritional advice, fun and motivating workouts, and a personalized training plan.

Great nutritional advice and strength programmes

Matt is an amazing PT and keeps you motivated. The classes are great fun and really rewarding. Matt offers great nutritional advice and strength programmes to keep you going during the week. PT is always rewarding

Donna Holmes

Matt is passionate about helping people achieve their goals

As well as designing interesting and varied workout programs for me, Matt has a wealth of dietary and physiological knowledge and has helped me better understand my body's nutritional requirements.
The gym is compact but very equipped, providing a pleasant and secluded environment to work in.
Matt is clearly passionate about his work and helping people achieve their goals. I am well on my way to mine!

Jools Draper

Speak to Matt for help with your goals!

His ‘Gym in a Tin’ has a great variety of equipment for focused PT. I’d highly recommend speaking to him to help with your fitness goals

Chris B

Matt has motivated me to make a real change.

I have had a great experience so far working with Matt. He helped me set my goals, has massively improved my eating and hydrating habits and has motivated me to make a real change. The results have been very satisfying and I am really enjoying the process. Sessions with Matt are great fun. He is clearly interested in the science behind his programmes (and willing to explain it) and he pushes you hard but in a supportive way. Definitely give Matt a try!

James Waddell

I feel fitter, stronger and healthier

Matt is an excellent PT. He is very motivating, patient and encouraging and has a knack for knowing what level you should work at relative to your fitness. He is excellent at explaining how to do exercises properly and very knowledgeable about nutrition as well. His sessions cover not just a workout but your whole fitness journey . I feel fitter, stronger and healthier with a much better understanding of how to stay that that after my sessions with Matt.

Victoria Dickson

Matt knows what he's doing!

Matt is fun, motivating and determined. He knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about. He isn’t pushy but he is clear about what he wants from you and I get the feeling he isn’t going to take no for an answer. Which is exactly what I need!

His gym is impressive. Masses packed in to a modest space and it’s in a great setting. I’m glad I’m doing this programme with Matt.

Andrew Penman

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