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Coaching for better health & energy

We specialise in helping busy working parents who’d love to feel better, look great and increase their energy. We tailor our coaching to meet the needs of our clients incorporating the best nutritional, life-wellness coaching and training systems available. We guarantee you’ll see the changes you really want.

Coaching & Training Options

To help people with their energy and health as best we can, we specialise in working with men and women on an individual basis and also have a variety of group fitness options.

Coaching for groups

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Coaching for girls

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Coaching for guys

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I strive to improve the energy of as many people as I can through exercise, diet and lifestyle coaching.

Being a parent myself, I know how hard it is to find time for our own health and wellbeing, so I set out to help parents rediscover the energy, fitness and body shape they once had before kids.


“Thank you Matt for helping me learn more about a healthy lifestyle and supporting my weight loss journey. You are so knowledgeable about both nutrition and fitness and were very supportive and creative with your ideas.”

Annette Gardener

“I’ve been working with Matt since January and have overhauled my diet and lifestyle to become leaner, fitter and develop new healthy living habits. We’ve changed my mindset and I’ve achieved great results.”

Alex Gordon

“Matt’s interpersonal skills, fitness knowledge and his diligent work ethic makes him the best trainer I’ve had. He truly cares about his clients, and he has the skills to develop plans that will truly help them”

Mark Bloodworth


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