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About The
Energy Coach

I bring people together to exercise, have fun and improve their well-being.  I do this through one-on-one coaching sessions, small group sessions and finding the best instructors to lead classes in my fitness tent.

By listening to my clients and understanding what’s draining their energy, I can work with them to find the best exercise, nutrition and well-being program to ensure they can get the best out of life.

From those who are on the commuter treadmill to parents with little time for themselves; working with me, I put them first.  And always will.  No compromises.  Fitness and well-being will boost energy levels and improve mental health.  It’s so much more than having a toned body.  Together, we nurture, motivate and celebrate.

“Exercise will not put years on your life, but will put life in your years”  Per-Olaf Asrand.

Coaching & Training Options

To help people with their energy and health as best we can, we specialise in working with men and women on an individual basis and also have a variety of group fitness options.

One to One Coaching

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Group Coaching

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