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Yoga for stiff men who cannot touch their toes with a cold beer to finish. The perfect way to unwind midweek.

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and a little of this.

If you want to stop ‘feeling your age’, then being more supple and less stiff is the best way to achieve it. I know this from personal experience and from seeing so many of my personal training clients feel much better after a good, long stretch class. And that’s exactly what Bro-ga is. There’s no lycra, no ladies who lunch and no fancy poses, just normal guys in trakkie bottoms and t-shirts who struggle putting their shoes on. And no one takes it too seriously either, not least our Yoga teacher!
All abilities welcome and our skilled instructor can work with any injuries and niggles that guys generally have, so everyone gets the most from the classes.


“I love the Bro-ga classes, it’s the right level, right mix of people and a great teacher too”

“Bro-ga was really good – excellent coaching at a level I could just about keep up with!”

“Great class, very light hearted and already seen the benefits in my flexibility in just a few weeks”

Our Bro-ga classes are bespoke to guys who are new to yoga and are keen to feel more supple and reduce their tightness and stiffness and in our classes we spend time focusing on the problematic areas of hamstrings, hips, shoulders and core strength.
Classes are modified to make them accessible for all ability levels and we can tailor yoga holds and poses for anyone looking to challenge their fitness and muscular endurance.
Yoga is a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety largely due to the breathe work that’s practiced during a class and this is a skill that can be carried off the mat too.
We aim for all guys to leave the class feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised and a little close to touching their toes.

Class Timetable

Bro-ga classes last an hour with time at the end to enjoy a crisp, refreshing beer. Classes are part of a five-week course, check out the times, locations and availability below. Courses last 5 weeks and are £65 including beers.

28th June

The Fitness Tent – Chiddingfold
(Course of 5 classes)

Wednesday 29th June

The Fitness Tent – Chiddingfold
(Course of 5 classes)

14th July

Clock Barn Studio – Hydestile
(Course of 5 classes)

Coaching & Training Options

To help people with their energy and health as best we can, we specialise in working with men and women on an individual basis and also have a variety of group fitness options.

One to One Coaching

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Group Coaching

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